KREIS BH marketed its own candy brand “FRESH”

The Kreis BH company has been present on the Bosnian market since 1998 and is currently among the leading distributors in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the moment we are working with 18 brands, and among “Zlatno Zrno” we started investing in another brand – FRESH candies. 
The characteristics of all products are that the first class raw materials are of the utmost quality and are carefully selected for all customers, as Kreis BH company puts the quality and customer satisfaction in the first place. FRESH candies is a domestic brand that appeared on the Bosnian market at the beginning of August 2017. In the assortment of the product there are 6 types of candies: Fresh Mentol, Fruit 100g, Fresh Cola, Fresh Apples, Fruit Mix and Fruit 350g.

Although the candies are on the market for only a month, we have good positions on the shelves, and customers already recognize the quality. Kreis BH believes that it is very important to invest in its own brand as this strengthens the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, creates the possibility of opening up new jobs and facilitating economic development.
By placing a new product on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina we want to give our contribution to the social community and help those who need it most, so we have decided to donate a part of the realized margin on the sale of FRESH bombons to various foundations and associations across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first organization we have decided on is the organization of people with special needs Light.

We are delighted that we are able to cut a certain amount of FRESH candy from sales, which, we are sure, will mean a lot to the organizations we will donate funds.

Tim Fresh Candies continues to plan each month to donate donations to various associations in other cities: Zenica, Mostar, Goražde, Kakanj, Bijeljina, Banja Luka, Tuzla ..

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